Search with fields
You can use the ‘Super search’ above to find certain enterprises. As an example you can type

Enterprise name
Address and/or
Postal code and/or

in the search field.

Choose to display the results with ‘List’ view or on a 'map’.

You can search for:

Retail - shops and restaurants etc., which sell food and beverages to consumers.


Wholesale – enterprises, which sell to other enterprises.

‘SEARCH’ shows all the results, while ‘SEARCH ELITE’ only shows the elite enterprises.

‘Advanced search’ is used for a more precise search with the fields:

Enterprise name
Postal code
Line of business
Regional authority
Time period

Tip: A quicker way to find what you are looking for might be by searching for the address. Enterprise names are often spelled differently than you expect! 

Search on map

Click on ‘Map’ and specify one or more search criteria.

Example: Use ‘More search fields’, choose the line of business ‘Restaurants, cafés, canteens, hot-dog stands etc.’ Type a town and click on the ‘SEARCH ELITE’ button.
You will be shown the first 100 results on the map (- more results will make the search slower).

From here you can zoom in on the elite enterprises in a certain part of the town.

You can pan and zoom with the tools on the top left corner of the map. You can also use the mouse to drag a square – and be shown the elite enterprises here. Or use the scroll-button on your mouse to zoom with.

In the top right corner you can choose the way you wish to see the map: ‘Map’, ‘Satellite’ or ‘Hybrid’.

Click on the search string at the bottom of the page to be shown the result of your search in list view.

Sometimes fewer results will be shown on the map compared to list view – even if the search is the same.

This is because some enterprises cannot be shown on map. Usually this is because we cannot locate the so called GIS-code for the enterprise. Or because the address is not in the answer book it is related to.

An enterprise can also be misplaced on the map. The reason could be that we have the wrong information about the house number or the like.

A series of enterprises do not have a house number (as an example hot-dog stands). In those cases we have tried to place the enterprise as best as possible (as an example opposite a house number).

If an enterprise is misplaced on the map, please contact the regional authority.

Save your favourites and subscribe

Use the ‘Log in’ function to create a new user. That way you can save your search as favourite enterprises. And you can subscribe to them. Then you will get an email in your inbox the next time the regional authority has controlled the enterprise. Free of charge.

Last modified date: 15-06-2008